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Lab Members

DAFNE CAMPIGLI DI GIAMMARTINO_19805_Medium _500 x 500_.jpg

Dafne Campigli Di Giammartino

Principal Investigator

My research has mostly focused on understanding the cellular mechanisms underlying principles of gene expression and cell identity, aiming to shed light on the basic principles that govern these processes, both in physiological and pathological conditions.

My expertise is multidisciplinary, ranging from RNA biology to chromatin 3D architecture, stem cells and cancer. 

After more than two decades abroad ( at Columbia University and Weill Cornell Medical College in New York) I am looking forward to establish my research group at the Italian Institute of Technology!

Link to my CV

Stefania POLICICCHIO_19821_Medium _500 x 500_.jpg

Stefania Policicchio


I am an early career researcher with a solid background in regulatory genomics and epigenetics and expertise in both wet-lab (e.g. flow cytometry, long-read sequencing technologies) and computational methods (omics data analysis).
After completing an MSc in Neurobiology at University of Pavia, in 2015 I have moved to the UK to undertake a 10-month funded internship at King’s College London (KCL) where I have been trained in Statistical Genetics and omics data analysis. In 2016 I joined the Complex Disease Epigenomics Group in Exeter where I have completed my PhD and worked as post-doctoral researcher. My research focused on understanding the causes and consequences of molecular variation in the human brain, and its relevance to neuropsychiatric phenotypes. In particular, I explored how epigenomic variation influences gene regulation in the human brain, profiling DNA and histone modifications across specific brain regions and cell-types and relating these to neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disease such as suicidal behaviour, schizophrenia and dementia.
After 7 years abroad, I have returned to my home country, Italy, and I am looking forward to join Dr. Di Giammartino’s team at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) to investigate the role of ncRNAs and their epitranscriptional modifications in the organization of the 3D genome.

MORGANA DALLA PALMA_19806_Medium _500 x 500_.jpg

Morgana Dalla Palma

PhD student

I graduated in Biological Sciences at the University of Bologna and then I obtained my master’s degree in Neurosciences at the University of Trieste in 2022. During my master thesis project, I studied the gene NSun2, expressing an RNA methyltransferase, involved in manifold fundamental cellular processes. During this experience, I got hooked by the extreme complexity of epitranscriptomics, and I decided to join a PhD course supervised by Dr. Dafne Campigli Di Giammartino, because her interests widely collide with mine, and for the thrilling possibility to dig deeper into how chromatin is affected by the transcriptome, how its architecture is organized and how this organization affects dysfunctions.


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